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Product Dimensions: 4″D x 10″L
Comes in clear color for high visibility
Styrene and acrylic construction for enhanced durability
Offers general merchandising display


SKU : 586385
  • Durable Construction and Medium-Weight Item Display: 4″ x 10″ Injection-molded styrene shoe shelf in clear color, has styrene, acrylic construction for long-lasting durability and added strength. This shelf is able to support medium-weight retail items and allows making a display of houseware, toys, or craft items. Uses the display to highlight the single books, CDs, or items in a specialty store. The shelf puts the emphasis on your product and allows you to make color combinations that support your brand. Convenient Installation and Effective CostClear injection molded styrene shoe shelf feature 2 connectors that provide a secure mount for the display gridwall. Durable Construction: holds up to rigorous retail use and permits to reuse of the shelves for future displays. The shelf is suitable to use with grid wall display accessories to offer cost-effective storage. Clean this shelf with the help of a damp cloth.

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